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Release 3.50a 2006-11-02 What's new?
Win32 (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista)

Free Version - baretail.exe (220k) Licence
- Startup splash screen cannot be disabled

Registered Version - Only $US 25 Licence
- Option to disable startup splash screen

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User Comments

These tools are brilliant.
They save me quite a lot of effort in a few key tasks,
and I now know about 5 or 6 other people who have started using these tools too,
since I told them about them.
I can hardly praise them enough,
and the fact that they are available for free is a bonus.
I hope you get some real sales from some of the
big companies I have introduced to your tools.
- Tim, U.K.

So far it's as if you've read my mind
and then added the functionality I desired;
your product support is outstanding...
Anyway, thanks again for the useful tools and have a great one!
- Danny, U.S.A.

Your 'ware has helped me and numerous people I've recommended it to.
I do most of my work in corporate IT
which usually entails Windows PC client and Unix hosts
so I was overjoyed to discover your products.
Keep up the good work!
- Phil, U.S.A.

Love your product.
Best tailer I found.
- Mathieu

Just wanted to say that I've been using BareTail for about 6 months now
to keep an eye on various application server logs -
the highlighting feature is particularly useful for alerting me
to potential problems (before they become big problems).
- Steve, Australia

I finally bought it, it's a must have, and your support is one of the best.
- Jean-Christophe, Belgium

I finally got tired of the unreliable win32 tail
and even tail under cygwin didn't work right in some situations...
google'd up some replacement applications. Yours floated to the top.
The highlight feature is great and of course being able
to tail files on machines across the network is perfect!
Thank you!
- Ben, U.S.A.

I have to commend you on your program.
I spent about 2 hours trying to find a solution that would let me color the output
from our command-line build system when I stumbled across BareTail.
... it has everything I could possibly want ...
I especially like the fact that I didn't have to install anything!
- Robin, U.S.A.

I love your "bare" approach,
it's what's people really need in this world of bloated software.
- Magnus, Sweden

I downloaded both your freewares today and really like them -
very efficient programming!
... thanks again for a couple of neat tools!
- Peter, U.K.

I love both your products - thanks heaps people!
I'm locked into a Windows development platform and production is Solaris.
All the others I tried were either too slow or Blue Screened my laptop.
Wickedly fast and colours too!!
- Phil, U.s.A.

I just downloaded BareTail.
It is one of the finest text viewers for log files I have even seen on Windows.
Congratulations, great job!
- Martin, Germany

I find your utility BareTail very, very, very, very useful.
No longer do I have to scan my server output for some debug messages buried
in a mess of output -- I just put a unique string in the output that I care about and
have BareTail highlight it automatically!
I also like the "Follow Tail" checkbox, and how it automatically stops following the tail
once I scroll to a higher part of the document.
Thanks for providing such a useful utility!
- Scott, U.S.A.

Floored with BareTail!
So simple and so beautiful - exactly what I need!
The consistency of it's rocketing performance is incredible.
I particularly liked the coloring feature - that is really helpful.
... Thank you very much! :-)
- Sanjay, U.S.A.

I have used your BareTail program for a few months and it works great.
Thanks for a great product.
- Ray, U.S.A.

I had a 500MB+ text file that BareTail opened in like
half a second - incredible - simply incredible!
Best wishes for your new versions - and I am not saying this for free updates ;-)
I really mean it - the speed is simply awesome.
- Iyer, India

I love your app! The BareTail and BareGrep apps are great!
- Andy, U.S.A.

WOW what a great product - can I buy you a beer?
BareTail! What a great tool. I've been searching for ages to get a Windows utility
to do what Unix's tail -f does, at last I've found BareTail.
And what's more BareTail is even better than I hoped;
it can highlight those tricky little error messages in a forest of misleading noise;
it can handle huge files in a flash;
it doesn't hog the resources on the PC.
- Richard, U.K.

Finally! A free tail program for Windows!
I now watch 5 logs on my screen and the highlighting makes my job SO EASY!
- Kevin, U.S.A.

Hi, I am very impressed with BareTail.
I have previously used WinTail, but came across this, and much prefer it.
Blinding speed, even with a 1.7 GB trace file.
- Alan, U.K.

I've been looking for a good Win32 tail program for a while,
and I've found many products that seem to have stability issues.
I just found BareTail and just wanted to say thanks for providing such a great product -- free!
... thanks again for the great product!
- Nicholas, U.S.A.

You guys are great...
I've been using (your) WinTail for a while - this is a great little utility - good job.
I was just about to send you a bug report for WinTail, but I noticed that BareTail is now available,
and already includes a fix for the problem I was going to report.
Plus it has lots of other cool-looking features.
I am flabbergasted!!!
Keep up the good work.
- Dwight, New Zealand

I am just writing to comment on BareTail ...
First, I wanted to say that I think BareTail is an Excellent program,
the best I've seen of this type for Windows!
... Thanks for writing such a great program.
- Erik, U.S.A.

... thank you for BareTail, it's one of my "can't live without it" programs.
- Gerado, Spain

Thank you!
I have been looking for an easy to use, no-nonsense tail utility
to replace the useful but limited command line version I have had for years.
Your utility is quick, intuitive and flexible enough for me to easily monitor log files on my server.
Thank you for publishing them as freeware. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated.
- Richard, U.S.A.

I do not suppose that you need this as hundreds of people must tell you the same thing:
BareTail is nothing short of brilliant.
It is the best text viewer for log files I have ever seen on Windows.
Well done and thank you.
- Steve, Lebanon

Thanks for BareTail -
it has the additional features that I always wanted with (your) WinTail...
I LOVE the highlighting!
- Ashley, U.S.A.

Hello guys... Oh Happy Day!!!
I'm very happy to find your tools BareGrep and BareTail...
Great job!!! Thank You.
- Fredy, Brazil

First, I find this tool very good :-)
I previously used to use WinTail, but BareTail is far better with it's highlighting...
Congratulations on your application.
- Jean-Sebastien, France

You'll be pleased to hear that I've been giving BareTail a hiding -
one of our customers gave me a 17GB trace yesterday,
and I was perplexed to see that you're using 64 bit I/O functions - nice work mate!
Even the Cygwin tools were useless.
I now have to go back to devstudio and write some C to chop it up into 2G chunks.
- Matt, Australia

I haven't used your products for more than a few minutes, but I'm impressed!
I like the simple, bare-bones interface, and the ability to invoke from the command line.
Keep up the good work!
- Peter, U.S.A.

I would like to express my admiration for and appreciation of the excellent utility called BareTail.
It's fast and works great.
- Manoj, U.S.A.

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