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Release 2.50a 2006-11-02 What's new?
Win32 (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista)

Demo Version - baregreppro.exe (310k) Licence
- Automatically terminates after 5 minutes
- Startup splash screen cannot be disabled

Registered Version - Only $US 35 Licence
- No automatic termination after 5 minutes
- Option to disable startup splash screen

User Comments

... have been using BareGrepPro for a few months now
and have found it extremely useful.
... really appreciate your fantastic tools.
- Seamas, U.S.A.

Thanks a million.
This is absolutely great software.
I use it daily to design and develop enterprise J2EE apps for hospital settings.
- Robert, U.S.A.

Still trying to imagine how I lived without these programs before.
Debugging our apps from the logs is never a true joy,
but it's one heck of a lot easier with BareTailPro and BareGrepPro.
- Brook, U.S.A.

I want to start by telling you what a great set of log viewers you have developed.
They really help me and make me more efficient.
I started to use the free BareTail after a colleague showed it to me.
Soon I noticed that I used it more and more often,
up until I realised that such a great tool should be encouraged
and be able to be developed further, so I bought the bundle and got access
to the new BareGrepPro and BareTailPro.
Both are excellent tools that I use almost daily.
- Urban, Sweden

I've been wishing for tools like these for years.
Thank You.
- Mark, U.S.A.

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Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Bare Metal Software Pty Ltd.