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Release 2.50a 2006-11-02 What's new?
Win32 (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista)

Demo Version - baregreppro.exe (310k) Licence
- Automatically terminates after 5 minutes
- Startup splash screen cannot be disabled

Registered Version - Only $US 35 Licence
- No automatic termination after 5 minutes
- Option to disable startup splash screen


How do I install BareGrepPro?

BareGrepPro is distributed as a single, small, executable file. There is no installer. To use BareGrepPro simply run the executable. If you prefer to run BareGrepPro from the command shell using the keyboard, then we recommend you put the directory containing the executable file in your system PATH environment variable.

How do I uninstall BareGrepPro?

By default BareGrepPro stores some persistent data when it exits such as user-preferences and recent files in the Windows registry under the key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bare Metal Software\BareGrepPro

You can change this behaviour in Options dialog on the Preferences menu.

As BareGrepPro is distributed as a single, small, executable file, you may uninstall it by deleting this file and any data associated with the registry key above, using the standard Windows regedit or regedt32 tools.

How can I add an option to the Send To menu in Windows Explorer for BareGrepPro?

You can do this by creating a link to the BareGrepPro program in your SendTo directory, which is found in the Documents and Settings directory for your user (for example C:\Documents and Settings\fred\SendTo). If you have trouble finding the SendTo directory try using BareGrep or BareGrepPro to find it. In this directory you can right-click with the mouse and select New then Shortcut.

Note: For BareGrepPro you also need to add the "-n" or "--no-regex" command line option, as this tool normally expects the first command line parameter to be a regular expression. This is done by right clicking on the shortcut to BareGrepPro, selecting Properties and adding the "-n" flag to Target.

I have a licence for the registered version of BareGrepPro. How do I upgrade to a new version or get updates?

You can download a new version registered to you using the link provided in the confirmation email, when you purchased the licence. We recommend that you bookmark this link, or keep a copy of the confirmation email.

My settings aren't being retained when I restart the application. What is going on?

The difficulties you are experiencing here could well be due to the settings being loaded from a file rather than the registry. The Loaded from field in the Options dialog box will show you the filename or registry key from which the settings have been loaded.

If you delete any file named in the Loaded from field and set the Save on exit field to To registry your settings will be saved to the registry when you exit and will load from the registry again when you next start the application.

I changed some settings, but when I restarted BareGrepPro they were gone. What is going on?

If you have multiple instances of the BareGrepPro application running, the last to exit over-writes any other stored preferences. The solution is to exit the instance of BareGrepPro containing the preferences you wish to retain last. We are planning to implement a more sophisticated preference synchonisation mechanism in the future.

When the main menu has been hidden with Hide Main Menu on the Preferences menu, how do I get it back?

You can access the Hide Main Menu option on the Preferences menu at any time via the system window menu. The system window menu can be accessed by clicking on the icon on the top left of the application window or by pressing Alt-SPACE.

All menu options are provided on the system window menu, so that they are always accessible, with the keyboard or the mouse.

I want to transfer the application settings to another computer. What is the best way to do this?

If you want to move the settings to another machine, you can use the Save to File... and Load from File... options on the Preferences menu.

When BareGrepPro starts it first checks for a file called BareGrepPro.udm in its working directory, then looks for the file in the directory containing the BareGrepPro program, then finally checks the registry.

If you no longer have the download link for you, please contact us.

The tops or bottoms of some characters seem to be clipped (e.g. underscores are not shown), is this a bug?

BareGrepPro gives you great flexibility to maximise the information on your screen, by adjusting the font, size, line spacing and line offset. You can set these options using the Options dialog box, accessible from the Preferences menu. If you adjust the Line spacing and/or Line offset fields you should be able to correct this.

Some regular expressions result in quicker searches than others. Why is this?

Generally speaking, the performance characteristics of any regular expression or simple search string are the same. The only exception is that regular expressions with capturing groups (the round brackets) can be much slower than those without, in the worst case. This is a challenging problem in theoretical computer science. Nevertheless, we've put considerable time and effort into optimising regex search performance capturing groups.

If you're using brackets for grouping, but really don't need to capture, use a non-capturing group instead, for example "(?:fred)" instead of "(fred)".

When I select an option from the Help menu an existing browser window that I have open is used. How can I change this to open a new window instead?

This is due to your browser settings. Clicking on a link in an email or another application will probably do the same. There's an advanced setting in Microsoft Internet Explorer called "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts". If you turn this setting off, an new browser window will be opened. In Mozilla Firefox, there's an equivalent setting: "Open links in other applications in:...".

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