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Release 2.50a 2006-11-02 What's new?
Win32 (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista)

Demo Version - baregreppro.exe (310k) Licence
- Automatically terminates after 5 minutes
- Startup splash screen cannot be disabled

Registered Version - Only $US 35 Licence
- No automatic termination after 5 minutes
- Option to disable startup splash screen

Command Line Use

baregreppro [options] [pattern {file(s)}]


baregreppro (-n|--no-regex) [options] {file(s)}

where options can be:


Indicates that no regex (search string) will be specified on the command line, so matching files will be found, instead of matching lines in matching files.


Case insensitive search (default search is case sensitive).


Shows only lines which do not match the expression.


Recursively searches from the current directory through all sub-folders, for any matching files. This is the default.


Searches only the current directory for matching files.

-d directory
--directory directory

Specifies the directory in which to run BareGrepPro.

-wp left top width height
--window-position left top width height

Specifies the window position at startup in pixels. Note that the -ws, --window-state option, as well as the stored windows state in the registry (from the last run) overrides this option when the state is minimised or maximised.

-ws 0 | 1 | 2
--window-state 0 | 1 | 2

Specifies the window state at startup:


Normal state (neither minimised or maximised)






If BareGrepPro is started from the command line without any command line arguments, for example:


then it prompts the user for a search pattern and a file or files to open. Similarly, if only a pattern is specified on the command line, then BareGrepPro prompts the user for a file or files to open.

It is possible to specify one or more files on the command line, such as:

C:\>baregreppro struct main.cpp engine.cpp

in which case BareGrepPro would search the two files main.cpp and engine.cpp for the pattern struct.

The usual operating system wildcards can be used to specify a set of files, for example:

C:\>baregreppro class *.cpp engine.??

would search all files with the cpp extension and any files named engine with a two character extension for the pattern class.

It is possible to specify a case-insensitive pattern match with the -i or --ignore-case flag. For example:

C:\>baregreppro -i TODO


C:\>baregreppro --ignore-case TODO

would specify a case-insensitive search for the pattern TODO.

The pattern matching can be inverted with the -v or --invert-match flag. For example:

C:\>baregreppro -v OK


C:\>baregreppro --invert-match OK

would match all lines which do NOT contain the pattern OK.

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Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Bare Metal Software Pty Ltd.